How to build links to your website

construction-blueprintExternal links and site content are the most important factors in how Google ranks a website. You may have heard the term “Content is King” in your SEO explorations. Well time and time again it has been proven good content is rewarded with more link-backs. The perfect situation for webmaster or blogger is to have external link-backs naturally occur. But those of us who cannot wait or have yet to receive any decent link-backs can take on the task ourselves. Here are a few ideas, by no means conclusive.

1. Get directories to link back to your site.
2. Create comments on other sites with your web address
3. Write relevant articles on free article websites like
4. Create social destination sites like Twitter and Facebook that link back to your site
5. Request link exchanges with relevant sites (Do not spam)
6. Submit links to social bookmarketng sites like
7. Use content sites like YouTube and Flickr to link back to your site.

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