Is DMOZ a waste of optimization time?

dmoz-deadRecent talk about DMOZ (The Open Directory Project) being a waste of time has been emerging on the web. It was once standard for search engine optimization and web marketing experts to submit sites to to increase Google page rank. DMOZ was at one time a backup Google website directory because of its manually edited listings. However, while many optimizers have found their sites listed quickly on DMOZ many others have tried multiple times with no luck. Our experience here as been less than positive. Out of 10 sites submitted we are lucky to get one listed.

Many have suggested that DMOZ editors are on the take and will not list sites that may compete with existing sites. We have also attempted to become volunteer DMOZ editors several times but have just been ignored.

In addition, Google has said that they are relying less and less on DMOZ for site ranking. In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts is quoted in saying, “we don’t use Dmoz in a lot of the ways that we used to.” He added, “in general, if you can’t get into Dmoz, I wouldn’t necessarily worry about it.”¬†Our advice? Start a Twitter or Facebook account instead. Your time will be better spent.

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