Google Gives Preference to Mobile-Friendly Websites

mobile-friendly-igs-portraitIn a recent outreach campaign Google Developers informed registered users of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools letting them know about changes to their search algorithm that would affect websites that are not mobile-friendly. The notice, no surprise, created a frenzy among website owners who wondered if their sites would essentially disappear from Google results. But if you look closer at what Google is doing the specific algorithmic changes are targeted towards mobile users, not everyone searching the web.

Furthermore, the changes will be gradual. It is likely Google will incorporate the new algorithm update over time into the last major roll-out, rather than overnight. In fact, you can bet Google had been testing the mobile-friendly update for several months before making the announcement.

What should you do? If you care about mobile visitors you should start making plans to make your site mobile-friendly. Be sure to use Google Analytics or other software to look at what devices your visitors are using. Most likely, you’ll find being mobile-friendly is not something you can blow off.

Contact us to learn more about making your website mobile-friendly. You can check if your website page is mobile-friendly (according to Google Developers), at this Google Webmasters Mobile Friendly Test.

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