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Twitter Embed Streams Not Working? Here’s How To Fix On HTML & WordPress Websites.

Nothing to see here – yet.

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter we’ve seen some crazy things happening. For one, the verification or “Twitter Blue” subscription became a must for professionals using Twitter. Some have started to pay the monthly (or yearly) subscription, and some have held firm against having to pay for an account that they may have built up over the years.

Regardless, we came across an issue while trying to fix a client’s Twitter embed stream. We updated the theme, all the plugins, and the WordPress version. We also tried different themes and deactivating the plugins one by one. Nothing worked! We even inserted the embed HTML code into the theme’s sidebar.php code. Still, the feed would not load.

Finally, after deciding to try different Twitter accounts we realized the account had to be verified either Twitter Blue or Gold certified. Twitter Blue currently costs $8 per month ($11 through iOS) and gets you that little blue checkmark. It’s actually a good idea if you are looking to grow your account because verified Twitter users tend to get more followers. The gold is only available for certain businesses and has to be approved by the “powers that be” at Twitter.

Take a look at the various Twitter accounts above that we tested on a WordPress website using an HTML widget. (If you don’t know how to add an HTML widget just click the + sign and type “html” into the field.) We used the embed code from each Twitter URL. For example, Notice how @MLB, @MLBDraft, and @JuanSoto25_ all work fine. However, since the Boston Red Sox @RedSox have not been verified their feed will not load. Instead, the stream just says “Nothing to see here – yet.”

Grey checkmarks, those that are held by the government such as @FBI and @FTC, were not tested but are likely treated the same way blue and gold accounts are.

Whether or not this will be fixed in the future we don’t know. But as of July 20, 2023 Twitter embed code must come from a verified and/or paying Twitter subscriber to work. Look at the poor Red Sox feed above that just won’t work because they are not verified.