How To Get Free Search Phrase Suggestions with Google Suggest



Can you believe there was actually a time when Google and other search engines showed viewers what keywords and phrases were being searched for in real time? Yes it was true, but didn’t last long. Google soon realized how valuable search words and phrases were. Letting the public capture this data was like giving SEOs a golden ticket. But years after Google watched so diligently over search terms, they started integrating search suggestions into the search box. So, when you start typing a letter you can see popular search terms and phrases pop up.

The terms Google uses for this is “Autocomplete” or “Google Suggest.” While results will vary depending on whether or not you are logged into a Google account, the search “predictions” use some localized data by using your IP address. But results are also determined by popular searches. So, if there is new movie coming out such as “Mission Impossible 5”, “Autocomplete” might quickly fill in “mission impossible” no matter what location you are searching from.

“Google Instant Search” is a related feature that loads search engine results as you type. So, results are dynamically changing as you change the search query.

Why is this an important Google Search feature to be aware of? Because if you are doing SEO on a Web site you can use the “Autocompelete” suggestions to come up with search phrases to work on optimizing for. You can also get an idea of your competition based on the SERPs, and, maybe get ideas for more niche search terms.

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