Search engines other than Google

For most people Google is the only search engine worth using. And, for many web marketers it's the only search engine worth optimizing for. At about 65-70% of the market share, who can blame theme? Google tends to give people the results they want, and has been attempting to weed out content farms and other types of sites that optimized on Google's previous algorithms.

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Adding Google Plus “G+” to your website

Late in June, Google launched Google+, a service focused on the social/sharing aspect of the web and an attempt to grab some of Facebook's market which currently claims over 750 million users. Google+ launched by invitation only to a limited audience, but within 4 weeks the service acquired 25 million users, a far cry from Facebook's numbers but certainly impressive considering its immaturity. So why have website administrators rushed to add the Google+ icon to their pages?

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Securing your passwords: Lesson 1

Have you ever noticed your friend is emailing you "Pharmacy Deals" or "Weight Loss Secrets?" Chances are, the email server or account they use was hacked into, allowing spammers to reach all contacts the person may be associated with. The spam emails will keep coming until the person changes all their information and passwords or closes the account.

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