Never, Ever, Change Your Twitter Age to Under 13

Twitter account locked.

We recently had a client who, accidentally, changed their Twitter age to under 13. As a result, the account was locked, showed up as “This account doesn’t exist” to the public, and it took weeks to restore.

The client was a business, and the Twitter account only used for posting new content related to business, as well as like, follow, and retweet other Twitter Accounts.

Their account was almost ten years old, with thousands of tweets and several hundred followers — all of them earned (not purchased with a service). But one day, the client decided to change the age of the Twitter account to match the age of the company. Since it was a business account, they didn’t think changing the age would suspend their account.

It was immediately locked. They followed the link to verify their age and get the account restored. Part of this requires a valid drivers license be uploaded to Twitter. During the review the account, which as we said was active for ten years, was completely blocked.

It took several weeks for Twitter to finally verify the account holder, amounting to possible loss of revenue from affiliate links, followers who thought the account closed, and other potential clients.

Twitter takes most of their policies seriously. So, be careful about violating any of the terms of service (especially using the account as someone underage). Here’s a link to Twitter’s Rules & Policies.

If you did happen to sign up for Twitter when under the age of 13, there are ways to change the your birthday to your real age. However, you’ll have to remove any content created before the age of 13. See details below or jump over to Twitter to read more.

Twitter restore account over 13


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