Are you watching your bounce rate?

Recent studies have shown that bounce rates are already a factor in how Google ranks pages. Industry experts predict bounce rates may become even more of a factor, as search engine results pages (SERPS) become more and more personalized.

What is a bounce rate? In simplest terms, its how quickly someone leaves your site. The rate is defined by a number; the higher the number, the quicker the bounce rate.

If your bounce rate is 80%, you are not doing too bad. If your bounce rate is 98 or 99%, your clients are leaving before they look at any content.

Pop-up or pop-under sites typically have a high bounce rate because they are basically spam. Once the user sees the window, they close it and do not click through to any content.

Having a low bounce rate is a good sign that your content is well liked by visitors. So, even if it does not play a role in ranking, you should pay attention to it.

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