Twitter a must for any business

If you’ve been hesitant to start a Twitter page for any reason, don’t wait any longer. Get on it! Twitter, which was founded in 2006, has quickly risen to be the second most popular Website (Website Magazine Oct. 2010), just behind Facebook and just one step ahead of LinkedIn. You can open a Twitter account as either an individual or business (a process that is much easier than Facebook) and start tweeting in a matter of seconds.

Choosing a username.

When choosing a username try to pick a name without an underscore (ex. land_interactive) or number (ex. landinteractive2010) that is easy to remember. Studies done by Web research firm HubSpot have shown that usernames without underscores or numbers lead to more followers. Hence, you would want a username like “landinteractive” or “landinte” to simplify.


Tweets are short, concise, and usually timely messages that can communicate something, or direct a viewer/user to a webpage. Tweets must be shorter than 140 characters, so be creative. If linking to a webpage, use a URL shortener like to fit into your tweet.

Twitter experts have said not to go overboard with tweeting. Rather, spread them out over time and get others to retweet your tweets if you can. Having a frequently updated Twitter page will surely increase awareness of your brand.

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