Starting a blog with your own domain

There are so many bloggers out there, last I heard there are as many blog sites as websites. But many of you want to start a blog with your own name, without having to use the wordpress, typepad, blogspot following it. So, for instance you may want to have rather than It’s a lot easier to remember and looks more professional.

There are a couple ways to have your own domain name blog. Both options require you to purchase a domain name through a registrar such as GoDaddy or The first option (the preferred method), is to have your site hosted by a server company. With this method you would have the blog software installed on a server, instead of the the blog service hosting your site.

The second option, and less expensive, is to point your domain to the blog service. So, if someone typed in the web browser would redirect to the site. This option is just about free (except for the cost of the domain) however you still don’t get the simple domain address you purchased.

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