Is the Web Dead?


It seems ridiculous doesn’t it, to say “The Web is Dead.” But, that is exactly what Wired Magazine posed in an article this week. The Internet though, is going no-where. So what’s the difference between the Web and the Internet?

The Internet has been around for decades. However, the Web emerged as HTML and web browsers starting taking the place of PC applications. Even today, HTML5 has been touted as the next web, when all applications would exist in the cloud.

But as Wired predicts, the Web is being taken place by apps that get you what you want immediately rather than having to search through the Web. Although they nee do be installed first, and occasionally updated, apps are more specific, save time, and simplify your connected experience.

As Wired puts it, “the center of interactive media — increasingly, the center of gravity of all media — is moving to a post-HTML environment.”

Web pages will always be around though, Wired predicts, just like telegrams and post cards. So don’t “Uninstall” your FireFox browser just yet.

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