Building Links Back to Your Website

External links to your site are one of the most important factors in getting ranked on Google. The first, of course, is content. If you don’t have good content other sites won’t link to you. If you do have good content, maximize its potential by finding out where the content would be useful.

For example, if you wrote a great article about how to trim fruit trees, you could find a discussion forum about farming or gardening and post a link to your article.

You can also research other sites such as or free article directories where your expertise could be utilized. Write an article, and have your website in your profile. “How to” videos are also very popular and could be uploaded to YouTube to get some link juice back to your site.

An older method of gaining links back to your site is to request link exchanges with similar sites. If you have a Website, you may have already been bombarded by spammers looking to do link exchanges. Research other sites in your industry and cherry pick those sites you intend to contact.

Keep in mind, it’s always better to have higher ranked websites linking to yours. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target lower ranking sites, however. If the audience is appropriate to your content, why not exchange links with that site?

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