Never, Ever, Change Your Twitter Age to Under 13

We recently had a client who, accidentally, changed their Twitter age to under 13. As a result, the account was locked, showed up as “This account doesn’t exist” to the public, and took over a week to restore. The client was a business, and the Twitter account only used for posting new content related to […]


Verifying Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools after HTTPS SSL Upgrade

Something that has become super popular among web developers, marketers and website owners is upgrading websites with an SSL certificate. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) verifies with Google that a certificate has been purchased for the domain and supposedly helps with SEO ranking. You can tell a site is “secure” with a little padlock icon […]

Wordpress plug-ins - Keep them updated!

Improve Website Security by Maintaining Your WordPress Plug-ins

Plug-ins are one of the major culprits of self-hosted WordPress websites getting hacked. Older, less secure code used in plug-ins can be exploited to inject malware and other types of code that can exploit your website, server, and even database. In fact, there was recently a WordPress plug-in that was banned from for crypto-mining, a […]


WordPress sites hacked for mining cryptocurrencies

You may have heard of Bitcoin and Litecoin, just two of the cryptocurrencies we find being used all over the world as an alternative to traditional coin, metals, and paper currency. But what you may not have heard is that WordPress websites are being hacked to be used a mining machines. How does it work? […]

How to Get More Instagram Likes, the Grassroots Way

It’s easy enough, and cheap enough, to hire a service to get more Likes and Followers for your social media accounts. But are those Likes from real, active users? And, are those followers real people who will continue to engage with your social media campaigns?


Google SERPs now show Twitter tweets

Web and social media marketers have been anxiously awaiting Google’s integration of tweets from Twitter, after a deal was announced earlier this year. Now, Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) include Twitter accounts, with recent tweets and retweets shown.


WordPress website server attacked using xmlrpc.php

Having your WordPress website get hacked is no fun at all, especially when you find out it’s being used to attack other websites. But that’s exactly what happened recently to a client of ours. The issue came about with the xmlrpc.php file used by WordPress plug-ins such as Jetpack. The vulnerable file can be altered […]


Google Gives Preference to Mobile-Friendly Websites

In a recent outreach campaign Google Developers informed registered users of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools letting them know about changes to their search algorithm that would affect websites that are not mobile-friendly. The notice, no surprise, created a frenzy among website owners who wondered if their sites would essentially disappear from Google results. […]

How To Get Free Search Phrase Suggestions with Google Suggest

Can you believe there was actually a time when Google and other search engines showed viewers what keywords and phrases were being searched for in real time? Yes it was true, but didn’t last long. Google soon realized how valuable search words and phrases were. Letting the public capture this data was like giving SEOs […]


What is Reputation Management?

Social Media has been called “essential” for any business by marketing professionals. But while the benefits seem obvious (increased visitors, customer engagement, etc.), there exists more potential for damage to a brand’s reputation. Think about Howard Dean’s run to be a presidential candidate in 2004 which seemed to end with his famous scream during the […]


Classifying Types of Social Media

There are several types of social media classifications, and, each category is not so cut and dry. At times one social media site may offer the same type of media creation and sharing as another, and so the lines can be blurred. However, we can start looking at the content on various social sites and […]


Search engines other than Google

For most people Google is the only search engine worth using. And, for many web marketers it’s the only search engine worth optimizing for. At about 65-70% of the market share, who can blame theme? Google tends to give people the results they want, and has been attempting to weed out content farms and other types of sites that optimized on Google’s previous algorithms.